Great TV Shows Of Indian Television

If I were to document every instance of Indians calling Indian TV shows names, I’d run out of disk space on my hard disk drive. We’re quick to jump to conclusions when it comes to Indian TV shows because to be honest, most of them are really bad. But what about the good ones? What about the shows that tried giving the Indian audience an honest approach to good story-telling?

We’ve compiled a special list of some of the best shows that prove that Indian television scene isn’t all that bad –

1. Sarabhai vs Sarabhai

This is probably the funniest show to have ever graced our television screens. This show taught us about the Indian class divide with a lot of classy humour.

2. Sea Hawks

Milind Soman and Madhavan starrer Sea Hawks provided us a brilliant insight into the lives of those who serve in the Indian Navy. The Navy is one of the lesser known divisions of the armed forces but Sea Hawks did a phenomenal job of capturing what it exactly takes to be a member of the Indian Navy.

3. Powder

This thriller was centered around the drug business plaguing the city of Mumbai. Widely considered as an Indian version of The Wire, this show more than just exceeded our expectations.

4. Fauji

Fauji is famous because it was Shah Rukh Khan’s debut as an actor in a lead role. Fauji is the coming-of-age story of Lt. Abhimanyu Rai who learns how to become a good army officer. With a very well written script and brilliant acting, Fauji is one of the best Indian TV shows of all time.

5. Sarkar Ki Duniya

This is by far, the best reality show to have ever been broadcast on Indian television. A group of individuals were to live on an abandoned island where they had to build all the facilities they wanted for themselves. There were weekly eliminations on the basis of ‘coins’ as well. It’s a shame that the show only had one season.

6. Special Squad

The better version of CIDSpecial Squad is one of the finest detective shows to have made it to Indian television. The show has some awesome acting, direction and background score. If you haven’t seen it yet, we heavily recommend you to do so.

7. 24

Anil Kapoor brought the brilliant action-thriller to our screens in the form of 24. The original series was closely followed in the Indian remake and it was brilliantly done.

8. Dekh Bhai Dekh

Dekh Bhai Dekh was one of the most popular comedy shows on Indian television and was a part and parcel of our childhood. We adored every character of the Diwan family.

9. A Mouthful Of Sky

A Mouthful of Sky was the first Indian show to use English as the primary language of communication. Heavily inspired from Agatha Christie’s famed novel, this brilliant thriller was a firm favourite among the masses.

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