Why Mobile Apps Fail ?

Mobile Applications are developed and as many as hundreds of applications are released in Google Play Store and Apple App Store but not all application become success as about 90 to 80 % apps don’t reach commercials success and they are abandoned. Studies have only shown that only 30 % of the mobile apps exceeds the standard date of 36 hours as majority of the app get un-installed within that time limit. It has become very famous for business to survive in the app segments as there are many factors that predicts and affects the success of a mobile app.



The role of a mobile application is to solve the issue a user faces in other providing value to the customer. In an application there must be innovation and uniqueness and if it fails it losses the ability to retain customers. For example, people are known to copy other concepts but when people install app in their phones they want originality and uniqueness in the apps and if you want to convert your leads then you better have to make an app that solves problem.


Poor Marketing is the reason why app fails to be success because it’s important that proper marketing strategies must be taken and that includes targeting the right audiences. Suppose for example if a company makes games for kids and young teens that will be improve their skills and cognitive things , then it is important to target the right audiences i.e. grand nanny ,  uncles, mommies and not just the kid. As being just as kid it is not possible for them to choose what is best or what is good.



Mobile allocation can fall victim to bad designing which will result in bad user experience that result in people removing, deleting or un-installing apps. Because user wants an app that is easier to use and easier to understand by the multitude. Some designers mistakes of developing complex apps so that can be the reason of the downfall.  User don’t have enough time  to sit down and learn the functionality of the app, as they want app that is intuitive.


The above-mentioned factors are the reason why app fails and if you can avoid these factors and work on it. You will be able to avoid an app business failure.